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Zim dancehall star Soul Jah Love dies aged 31



Zim dancehall star — Soul Jah Love — has died aged 31 after a long battle with diabetes.


Soul Jah Love whose real name is Soul Musaka collapsed before he was taken to Mbuya Dorcus Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He is credited for being one of the most talented chanters in Zim dancehall, a genre which borrows heavily from Jamaican reggae-dancehall.

Multiple sources confirmed the death of Soul Jah Love who was lovingly called by several mid-monikers including Chigunduru, Conquering Shumba, Makuruwani and lately Chibaba.

A swerve and charismatic chanter — Soul Jah Love — commanded a huge following in Zim dancehall but as they say, “the good die young”, the Ndongosimudza Musoro (Gum Kum) singer has left a void within the music circles.

Since he came up, Soul Jah Love used music as solace for his tormented soul.

He made his presence felt through penning such touching songs as Ndini Uya Uya, Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa, Chawakadyara to Ndimi Makauraya and when the spirits were high he gave us such great loves songs as Zvandinomudira, Yeke Yeke but again though he was battling diabetes he claimed his spot on such songs a Pamamonya Ipapo, Hove Huru, Naka Dhula Dhaka to Chigayo and Ndiri Zvinhu.

Much more than anything, Soul Jah Love even won the hearts of superstar Oliver Mtukudzi who described him as “immensely talented.”

And to show his musical prowess Soul Jah Love sang about this huge endorsement from Tuku just like he did whenever the odds were against him.

He also responded to his diss at Zanu PF rally held in Mutare on Ndiri Zvinhu while he also clapped back at his arch-rival Seh Calaz Ndakamukwapaidza and when the authorities moved into demolish his house he also sang the sad reality in Dzimba Idzo Pazai.

As the news of his death filtered through many of his fans in Harare paid their tributes through playing his catalogue of hits remembering a talented star who refused to be torn down because of his impoverished background.

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