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I had a comfortable upbringing but life has humbled me: Hwindi President



FAMILY background normally shape people’s lives well into adulthood. That’s why a lot of folks take up careers that mirror where they come from and their upbringing.


Would you have imagined that one of the country’s well-known Zimdancehall artista was brought up in an affluent family, as Hwindi President has claimed?

Yes, the man whose real is name is Bezel Parehwa states that he grew up in comfort before misfortune befell him.

His parents passed away years back, depriving him of the luxury he had known since childhood.

In an interview with Star FM’s Olla 7’s On The Spot Show, Hwindi President said poverty has taught him to swallow his pride.

“My parents had money, I was raised with everything I wanted up until I lost my parents in 2006-7,” he said.

“That is when my world crumbled, so my grandmother raised me in Chihota before I moved to Rusape where I stayed with a relative.”

Hwindi President was forced to become a tout (Hwindi in Shona) to try and make ends meet after failing in school.

It humbled him and taught him humility.

Two years ago, he had relocated to South Africa, but he is now back home.

Hwindi President said while he is eking out a living from music shows, he vowed to continue as a tout during his spare time.

“You might not see me at the ranks more often because I will be touring and also recording music,” he said.

He explained that his music is inspired by his surroundings especially when he associates with other touts at the bus terminuses and meeting new people.

He realized he could sing at the bus terminuses as he would freestyle for passengers.

Hwindi President burst on the mainstream music scene in 2015 with his hit Tambirai Monarch.

“I was shocked that people like the song and that was my big break after I was invited to perform in the United Kingdom,” he said.

Hwindi President says most touts are looked down on, such that they end up misbehaving.

He, however, said as the leader of touts he wanted to redefine the life and conduct of most touts across the country.

“Previously most touts were known for all bad things that include body shaming, rudeness and abusive. But we have since started changing the narrative insofar as out conduct is concerned. When we see touts making screaming at scantily dressed women, we call them to order or engage the police,” he said.

Hwindi President boasts a string of hits that include Dhanzi Harina Kuchipa, Ndakusuwa, Ndacehema and Ndakaperera Pauri.

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