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Stop corruption first then drugs, says ex-addict Silent Killer



ZIMDANCEHALL singer Silent Killer has waded into the drugs debate in the country, taking a rather blunt take on the matter.


Since bursting into the music scene as a promising artiste, Silent Killer has done remarkably well to steer clear of controversy in an effort to bury a bad past, and act as a role model to his youthful fan-base.

His genre of music is generally followed by fans prone to the abuse of drugs, because most of the faithful relate to the singers’ difficult upbringing.

Silent Killer, however, is not afraid to disappoint his band of fans. No to drugs!

This is despite himself having been addicted to drugs at some point in his life, a very brave revelation indeed by somebody in the public spotlight.

Born Jimmy Mudereri, Silent Killer appeared on The After Drive Show with Owen Madondo on Star FM this week, admitting to substance abuse at a low point in his life.

Corruption, though, is the driving force behind the prevalent drug scourge in the country, according to Silent Killer.

 “There is a lot of corruption going on at the borders so much that drugs are being smuggled into the country,” he said.

“There is need to ensure the authorities deal with corruption first then they stop drug trafficking. If you look at the drugs that are coming into the country, there is no way one can manufacture them. So it means corruption is aiding drug trafficking and we are just [off loaders] consumers. They [drug lords] upload and download [smuggle drugs]. The moment corruption is stopped, then the war on drugs will be over.”

Mbare native Silent Killer also blamed rampant joblessness for the alarming levels of drug abuse among youths.  

 “It is because of the situation we find ourselves in; you wake up one day and there is nothing to do and at times it is because of peer pressure,” he explained.

Asked if he would want to become a security officer to help curb the trafficking, Silent Killer replied: “I believe there are qualified people for that because I am an artiste.”

Silent Killer rose to fame in 2016 when he released his club banger, Locker Mastreets.

Known for his wordplay and lewd lyrics, the Mulundukwa singer said he was into explicit lyrics because that is what his fans enjoy.

“I have a whole gospel album called Ghetto Gospel, but the problem none of those songs are being played on air.

“One thing is for sure people want the same songs that you are saying are vulgar or lewd,” he said.

When asked who he wanted to collaborate with, Silent Killer said he preferred Mai Charamba and Jah Prayzah.

A below-average student at school, Silent Killer said although he flunked his Ordinary Levels he was happy to pursue his dream.

“When Locker Mastreets blew, it was my dream come true and it was enough to convince people and my dad for the first time he played my music in his car.

“Music is all I do and if you see some musicians doing other things it means they’re in a wrong profession,” he said.

Silent Killer has just released his 41-track album titled Hurungwere laden with explicit content. It remains to be seen how this new project will fare on the market.

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