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Sikhala’s detention victimises family


The plight of Sikhala’s family



On 14 June 2023, Job Sikhala clocked one year in prison, and his absence has left the welfare of his family to well wishers.


Sikhala was arrested on 14 June 2022 for allegedly inciting public violence by recording and uploading videos on ZimLive , Youtube and various social media platforms.

The effects of his absence have been felt by his school-going children whose needs have been met by benevolent well-wishers.

“You will be surprised that, since my arbitrary arrest a year ago, people of good will took over the responsibilities, so painful as it is, that my children are made to depend upon people of good standing to survive,” Sikhala said.

He has been unable to fend for them from his prison cell.

He has also applied for bail eight times at both the Harare Magistrate’s Court and the High Court and was denied.

“My tormentors made it impossible for me to work for my children,” he added.

He says his tuition bill for his eleven children was USD$20 000 every term.

“I am a parent who always wanted the best for my children.  I enrolled my children to some of the best schools in Zimbabwe.  Best schools, I could afford to pay for their school fees.  Services at best schools do not come cheap.  In breakdown, four of my children are at university.  Two are studying law at local universities, the other one studying Biochemistry.  My second born daughter is studying medical …..overseas in Europe. Two are doing form 6 and Form 5 at …….schools in Zimbabwe.  One is doing ‘Ó’ level and others at various levels of study.  My termly school fees bill was no less than US$20 000.00 which I could easily raise in my practice as a lawyer,” he said.

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