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Sinners Reloaded: Good play marred by poor acting



ZIMBABWE’S theatre audiences starved of good theatre were this week pleased with the premiere of “Sinners Reloaded” written by Patrick Chisaya.


The first one, Sinners, which featured an original cast of veteran actresses Charity Dhlodhlo and Eunice Tava sold gold.

But the reboot, “Sinners Reloaded”, has an all-new cast of young actresses striving to make a name in the sector.

 While this was a good move by director Peter Churu to bring a much younger cast, it also spelt doom for the good story. In the play, three ladies of the night decide they have had enough of being commercial sex workers and now need to pursue more lucrative business opportunities.

They have had all types of customers (meaning the drivers, workers or vendors) and clients (meaning the ministers, business people or dealers), yet their lives have not improved in any way and, much as they do not enjoy their way of life, their options are limited.

From a brilliant idea by one of their own, a more vibrant project that is supposed to champion their empowerment and development is conceived and this is far much better than their previous experiences which saw them being lured, used or even abused and dumped by men.

While this is a great story which strikes a chord with people around the world, the cast members were out of character and less convincing.

They appeared as though they were not believing in themselves and, added to this, the costumes and lighting were poor during the premiere. The majority of theatre goers felt more could have been done insofar as costumes, lighting and setting were concerned.

However, Sinners Reloaded proved that there is a need for training up-and[1]coming actors and actresses for continuity’s sake.

Rooftop Promotions producer Daves Guzha said it was deliberate of Theatre in the Park to feature a young cast on the big stage. He said they were looking at expos[1]ing young talent to bigger audiences so that they learn and appreciate acting.

Churu said the play highlighted much more than sex and sexuality.

 “The play focuses on issues that affect all people even across borders. A national and international tour is on the cards,” he said.

“Sinners Reloaded” marks the return of Theatre in the Park and also re-establishes the concept of a two-week run in their theatre programming. The play opens the season for the first quarter and runs until 2 March 2024 with performances starting on Tuesdays to Saturday’s at 5:30pm.

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