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Yesteryear presenters back on Classic263 SOS shows



LEGENDARY radio personalities John “The Boss” Matinde and Felix “Happy Smiler” Nganjo are back on ZBC Classic263 Radio as special guest presenters every Saturday and Sunday.


Matinde, who was the architect of the then ZBC Radio Three after Independence, told The NewsHawks that the invitation from Classic263 radio station manager Terrence Mapurisana was a welcome move.

The Boss says he now has the opportunity to rekindle the days of ZBC TV Sounds On Saturday, but this time through radio every Saturday on Weekend Radio from noon to 1pm.

Said Matinde: “The original ZBC TV Sounds on Saturday (SOS) was both the sound track and the time check to many people’s lives. Music lovers in the 1980s and the ’90s and beyond would normally schedule their lives around Sounds on Saturday evening musical shows and this time the SOS is coming live 12 midday.”

Matinde, who recently co-hosted the Tyrone Downie Tribute Reggae tribute show with Mapurisana, said the fact that Classic263 Radio station manager Terrence Mapurisana has graciously granted him time to resurrect the show on radio on Saturday is a great excuse to revisit the television one, while also playing any good Sounds on Saturday.

Matinde interviewed Bob Marley and his pianist Downie when they came to Zimbabwe in 1980 for the country’s Independence celebrations.

Sundays, which are meant for adult contemporary listening, are coming back with fond memories as another former Radio Three presenter, The Happy Smiler, hosts the Sunday Spectrum Show, sharing the decks with Mapurisana between 1pm and 2pm.

Said Nganjo: “It is that time when we reminisce on Classic263 Radio as we bring those memories back.”

 King Jay, who listens from the United Kingdom, had this to say: “Zvinofadza kuti Mapurisana varikupota vachiunza hwereshengwa dze nhepfenyuyro idzi (It is great that Mapurisana is bringing legends back on radio). I hope the youngsters are taking notes.”

Another fan, Douglas Karikoga, commented: “Classic263 Radio is now a marvel to listen to. I wouldn’t trade it for any other radio.”

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