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Babongile Sikhonjwa relocates to Harare!



HE could have been anywhere in the world doing what he enjoys most, but Babongile Sikhonjwa chose Harare.

Like most talented artistes from Bulawayo, including dub poet Albert Nyathi and the then Afrika Revenge duo, Babongile has set his sights on changing the entertainment scene in Harare.

The 47-year-old popular show business personality and Bulawayo’s finest has trekked north to the capital after landing a job at the newly established nrtv headquartered in Harare’s Milton Park suburb.

An ecstatic Babangile said it was a long time coming.

“I believe this is the right time for me to come to Harare. I am now based here after Tich Mataz (nrtv official) head hunted me,” he told The NewsHawks.

Asked what his new job is, the outspoken Babongile said he was appointed producer/presenter with the television station.

“Well, I guess I will be doing a lot including producing and presenting.

“What I can tell you is that just watch out for my shows, you will be surprised with the amount of energy and exuberance on the set.”

Asked further to explain his job, Babongile said he was happy to be doing what he wanted in a long time.

“You see, way back I would pitch up at ZBC TV and all my proposals were turned down. But the one good thing I enjoy most about working with the likes of Tich Mataz is that they let you do what you do best. And so far, all the shows I proposed were given the green light.”

He has done it all, from emceeing, comedy to deejaying Babongile is simply the life of the party.

Babongile is well known not only in Bulawayo but also in Zimbabwe’s showbiz scene in general for his comedy, emceeing, radio presentation and entertaining.

He has been a permanent feature in the entertainment circles of Bulawayo.

Babongile started out during his high school days at Umzingwane and Milton high where he used to organise shows and dramas.

A staunch Highlanders Football Club supporter with aspirations to become vice-chairperson, Sikhonjwa was born on 20 June in 1976.

He says Zimbabwe’s first Health minister, Dr Herbert Ushewokunze, was the one who delivered him.

“Growing up, the path that I always found myself on was entertainment. If there were variety shows, I would be there singing, playing instruments, cracking jokes and emceeing.

Anyone who went to school with me will attest that where I am right now, I’m not lost,” he once said.

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