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She is Dynamite on radio and in stature!



SHORT in stature, but dynamite on radio!


Victoria Nyanhete has already endeared herself with 98.4 FM Midlands listeners with her excellent presentation and breath-taking music selection.

And it is easy to see why the 31-year-old has so much to offer on the airwaves.

We were keen to probe how it all started, and Dynamite gives thanks to her family for instilling in her some good values.

“I grew up in the City of Progress, that is Gweru,” she said.

One of the most tranquil places in Zimbabwe to raise a child!

“It’s a peaceful place that I have always called home,” she explained.

“I come from a loving family that is very supportive and has a Christian background, a family that has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me.”

But just how did a laid-back city girl find herself on radio?

“I had always been in love with radio from a very young age. Growing up listening to the radio I would imagine myself talking to thousands of people in the studio while I was alone,” she said.

“I was fascinated by the idea of people having nothing but one’s voice to listen to and connect.”

With the advent of social media and digital technology, she reckons that a lot has since changed from the good old days.

“Of course now radio is slightly different as it has also become visual,” she said, adding that: “I do not have a specific type of music. I listen to anything that sounds good.”

Besides being a radio presenter and emcee at functions, Dynamite is also an actress of note.

“Acting has also been one of my passions,” she said, adding that, “Besides radio I do voice overs for adverts, I’m a director of ceremonies, an actress and also into retail business.”

For those not in the know, Dynamite hosts the mid-morning show called Dandaro (playground in short).

Essentially the show is a time to sit back, relax and connect.

Preparing for the show starts a day before as she interacts with colleagues, discussing issues of interest.

“Sitting down and compiling everything would probably take an hour or an hour-and-a-half,” Dynamite said.

 “I think the most difficult thing when one is on air is being careful of everything thing that you say. People interpret things differently and it is always something that you have to be alert about,” she explained radio experience.

Nowadays radio presenters have to give more than just playing music for their listeners and, more often than not, they are supposed to be cheerleaders.

“Well, I am big on motivation and inspiration so I try to make sure that each day one’s hope has been lifted in a way or the other.

“I also love uplifting and empowering people so I always have something that one can take home and put into practice,” Dynamite said.

“It feels really good, especially when they give positive feedback of the impact that they felt in their lives because of the programmes that I deliver.”

Dynamite attended Cecil John Rhodes Primary School later enrolled at Thornhill High School.

She then moved to Herentals College for her Advanced Level and proceeded to Midlands State University for her degree programme.

While she seems to have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Dynamite has her own regrets.

“I’m sure everyone has regrets in there; I’m not spared. There are chances that I let go of that I should have taken advantage of, but I guess we live and we learn,” she said.

She says her career highlight was when she had the privilege of having a conversations with high-profile people on air and also winning a Zimstars Award for Best Radio Presenter in 2019.

During her spare time she likes to read, especially motivational and inspirational books.

“I also like to hang out with friends and family as well as watch movies and series,” she said.

Speaking of love life or what has come to be known as “mjolo” (dating), Dynamite lives by the code.

“Love and relationships is a tricky one, but if you find love then cherish every moment,” Dynamite said.

She says she’s grateful to the listeners for the love and support because “they give me the strength to carry on. I appreciate them and hope that I continue to deliver in a dynamic and captivating way.”

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