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Reggae singer Celscius talks consciousness on new album



“THE more I live, the more I experience life and the more I write songs. So for me everything starts with life and then music because all I sing is inspired by life,” talented reggae/dancehall singer Celscius throws his head back and laughs.

There is something immensely likeable about this 29-year-old vocalist with the radiant smile and soothing voice.

Perhaps it is the cultivated aura he exudes. Or perhaps it is the fact that he is so easy to talk to.
Celscius has long endeared himself with fans through his conscious lyrics which he churns out effortlessly.

“The one thing that puts me apart from my contemporaries is I do not sing when I have nothing to say and also I stop and think before I write songs,” he said.

Also, people should realise that musicians take pride in their work even before they hit the spotlight.

“I have worked with several musicians and one of the biggest that young artistes face is pride. We see ourselves as superstars even before our time.

“Once you release an album and you are at the top we begin to feel some type of way, larger than real superstars. So I try and remain grounded whether or not I have a hit song,” he said.

Celscius, born Tafadzwa Mwandira, is on the verge of releasing his first studio album, simply titled Unique Conscience.

The release date is 11 May, which also happens  to be his birthday. There is no better way of celebrating than dropping an album.

The seven-track album features several mash-ups including a collaboration with songstress Tamy Moyo. 

The new offering promises to be an enjoyable one, considering that it is his first studio album.

Prior to this, Celscius has been dropping singles although he later compiled a Singles Collection. 

Celscius blew up in 2012 with the release of Chiedza, a conscious track for those who love mature music. He then followed it up with Makatendeka, a gospel track that again solidified him as a conscious artist.

He then roped in Seh Calaz, whose real name is Tawanda Mumanyi, on a string of hits including Sahwira Wangu and Mhanya Wega, which dominated the charts for some time.

Later, he collaborated with the likes of Freeman the HKD Boss on Gyalis and Maya before he joined Soul Jah Love for his chart topper Hatiite and Shinsoman on Vanotinakidza.

Recently, Celscius engaged Sasha Luester to manage his affairs, including distribution of his music.

“Previously, I never thought distribution of music was important but then because nowadays artists are relying mostly on digital platforms I thought its best that I have someone with the knowhow so that I not only earn from my music but also ensure it reaches out to every corner of the country and beyond,” he said.

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