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Parasailing is taking off in Zimbabwe



IF you are thinking of one more thing to add to your bucket list, you should consider parasailing. 

This water sport looks scary when you just think about it, but once you are up there it is so refreshing and peaceful. 

In Zimbabwe, you can do parasailing on Lake Kariba, the largest man-made reservoir in the world.
Parasailing is memorable, you get on a boat, get into a harness then the boat crew lets out the line and up you go. 

You glide up into the air at a gradual pace and when you get up there it is so peaceful, with amazing views and a breeze, all you have to so is sit and enjoy.

For some people it feels like floating. When it is time to come back, they winch you back in, and it is a slow descent back to the deck of the boat. It is also easy to put out your feet for a perfect landing.

The exciting part about parasailing is you also get to enjoy the boat ride while your mates also take their turn on the spot. This is also good for those who love pictures as you have someone there to capture every moment in either video of picture format.

The ride up is also so smooth that you can also take your phone for that selfie or to capture the views. When it is someone else’s turn, you just enjoy the boat ride, which is usually a gentle cruise.

So far, parasailing is being offered by Heartveld Adventures in Kariba and all you have to do is to make sure you contact them and make a booking before travel.

Do not worry about not being able to swim, as no swimming skills are required.

The only brush with water, if at all, is a calculated dip and then you fly up. There is however a 100kg weight limit for a solo ride and 90kgs for a tandem ride.

Also, do not worry about falling, as everything will be explained to you before you take flight. Just make sure you are relaxed and ready to enjoy the ride. The boat crew is well trained to take care of people on the boat as well as those parasailing and will be there to make sure you take off and land smoothly. 

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