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Mystery deaths deepen in Zim
The late Solomon Mujuru flanked by former premier Morgan Tsvangirai and ex Vice President Joice Mujuru


Morgan Tsvangirai’s legacy: The struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe continues



On Wednesday it was the sixth anniversary of Morgan Tsvangirai’s death. The founding MDC leader’s influence was immense, hence his huge impact of the late former president Robert Mugabe’s last 17 years in power. He is one of the most polarising political figure in Zimbabwean opposition politics.

Tsvangirai’s legacy, like Mugabe’s, remains indisputably controversial and conflicted, replete with contradictions and lessons.

To some, Tsvangirai was the champion of democracy and the face of the struggle. Yet to others, he was a “sell-out” and a “puppet” of the West.


MORGAN Tsvangirai’s legacy continues to inspire Zimbabweans in their ongoing struggle for democracy. Amidst political unrest and economic hardships, his commitment to justice remains a guiding force.

It has been six years since Tsvangirai, a beacon of hope in Zimbabwe’s democratic struggle, passed away. His legacy, however, is facing an uncertain future as the country grapples with political challenges following the disputed August 2023 elections.

A disputed election and its aftermath

The recent elections in Zimbabwe have been marred by controversy.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has refused to accept the results, citing widespread irregularities and a flawed voting process. The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference echoed these concerns, expressing a growing fear among citizens of authoritarian rule under a one-party State.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s win in the election has been condemned by local and international observers. A Carter Centre report highlighted significant flaws in the voting process and called for comprehensive electoral reforms. It recommended aligning the Electoral Act with the constitution and international standards, as well as revisiting repressive laws to ensure citizens’ participation in public affairs.

Economic hardships and political instability

Zimbabwe’s democratic journey has been fraught with economic hardships and political instability. The country is facing a severe economic crisis, with soaring inflation and unemployment rates.

The political landscape remains volatile, with the ruling party accused of suppressing dissent and human rights abuses.

The ongoing struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe is a testament to the resilience and determination of its people. Despite the challenges, they continue to fight for their rights and freedoms, refusing to be silenced or intimidated.

Tsvangirai’s Legacy

for over three decades. He served as prime minister of Zimbabwe from 2009 to 2013, during which time he helped stabilise the country and improve living conditions.

Tsvangirai’s legacy is not just about his political achievements, but also about his love for the people and his country. He was a man of integrity and courage, who never wavered in his commitment to democracy and justice.

Tsvangirai once said: “There is no turning back. We have crossed the Rubicon, and we will not look back.” His words continue to inspire the people of Zimbabwe to keep fighting for their rights and freedoms, even in the face of adversity.

Today, as Zimbabwe grapples with political challenges and economic hardships, the legacy of Morgan Tsvangirai is more important than ever. His unwavering commitment to democracy and justice serves as a reminder that the struggle for freedom is not easy, but it is a struggle worth fighting for.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “The struggle is my life.” For the people of Zimbabwe, the struggle for democracy and justice is their life. And they will continue to fight, inspired by the legacy of Tsvangirai, until they achieve the freedom and dignity they deserve.

As we remember Tsvangirai on the sixth anniversary of his passing, let us honour his legacy by continuing the fight for democracy and justice in Zimbabwe.

The road ahead may be long and difficult, but as Tsvangirai once said: “There is no turning back.” The people of Zimbabwe will continue to march forward, united in their quest for a better future.

In the end, the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe is not just about politics. It’s about human rights, dignity, and freedom. It’s about ensuring that every Zimbabwean has the opportunity to live a life free from fear, oppression, and poverty.

And it is a struggle that Tsvangirai dedicated his life to. Let us honour his memory by continuing the fight for a better Zimbabwe, where democracy, justice, and freedom prevail.

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