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MisRed bares it all in new book



ZIMBABWE’S dynamic radio and television personality Samantha Musa’s first book, titled Be Faithful to Your Happiness, is out. The 32-year-old describes the book as a “beautiful journey of discovery, honesty and vulnerability.”

She bares it all from her upbringing to being a single mother of two beautiful daughters. However, the book shies away from several controversies which trended on social media.

Controversy, good or bad, has come to define her public persona, providing endless entertainment to her “Red Nation” followers.

The book proves how MisRed, as she is lovingly called on radio, not only follows trends but is also a trendsetter in her own right. MisRed (SM) talks to The NewsHawks’ Jonathan Mbiriyamveka (JM) on what inspired the book. Read the excerpts: 

JM: Who edited the book and what are the talking points? 

SM: The book was edited by Charles Mungoshi Jnr from The Hub of Positivity. It is actually a book about cheating. For a while I was cheating on my happiness. (Quote) “For a very long time happiness was to me a fleeting concept. One that was always tied to something.

A person, a place, a moment, something tangible. So when that thing was removed, so was my happiness. At some point I didn’t want my happiness to be a guessing game anymore and that pursuit to find the answers is what led to this book.

This book (Be Faithful to Your Happiness) is a journey of discovery, it’s about the decision to be in control of my happiness. It’s about faithfulness to a process and finding beauty in the obvious.”

JM: Congratulations for writing the book. Tell us how long it took to write the book.

SM: Thank you very much. The thought came to me in 2018, but the process of actually writing the book has taken over a year. I did a lot of writing in a short space of time, what took long was the process of trimming it and choosing the right material that fit the concept of the book which is: Be Faithful to Your Happiness.  

JM: As a radio and television personality, do you feel people misunderstand you? 

SM: No, not at all actually. If anything, I feel blessed to have a platform where people can connect and share with my story on a daily basis. The book is an opportunity for people to connect with all parts of me.

JM: Your critics say you love attention. What do you say about this?

SM: I can’t really say much about that. As public figures, our lives play out in front of people and, naturally, even the smallest of actions are amplified and, sadly, sometimes taken out of context and interpreted differently from what they are. So do I love attention? I don’t think so, but even that may be taken out context too. 

JM: You are also prone to controversy. Does the book also address this? 

SM: Well, it doesn’t actually. It gives a perspective of the many sides that make up who Samantha Musa is. It is about the failures, victories and everything in between. 

JM: Tell us about your background and upbringing. What sort of family were you raised? 

SM: I am a first born in a family of four, two boys and two girls. I actually talk about this extensively in the book. My upbringing, my relationship with my parents and siblings. It’s a lot. I encourage you to get the book.

JM: Are you dating at the moment and who is the lucky guy? 

SM: Love is a beautiful thing when you have it, it’s also important to protect it when you are in public so that you can preserve it. Let’s just say I’m happy. 

JM:  And tell us how many children you have.

SM: I have two beautiful daughters, I face the same challenges as any parent, to be honest. But I take it as the most important job before anything else, my daughters are God’s greatest blessing in my life. 

JM: Do you intend to settle down and when?

SM: I’m settled. 

JM: You are a great presenter, no doubt. How did this come about? 

SM: I can’t say something specific for sure. However, if I was to pick anything it would be consistency and the pursuit of excellence in my craft. 

JM: What do you do in your spare time, do you still go clubbing? 

SM: I love and play golf a lot nowadays. 

JM: What is your word to other women? 

SM: Be Faithful To Your Happiness. Do not cheat.

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