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We will not pay even a cent on Pomona deal, Mafume vows
Jacob Mafume


Mafume’s mayoral victory exposes infighting in CCC



WE close the year with a circus at Town House in Harare, where Jacob Mafume last week bounced back as Harare mayor.


He was elected as the capital city’s third mayor in just four months and this has opened a can of worms.

Just after the election of Mafume, the party released a statement flagging the presence of police officers and bouncers in council chambers without congratulating the mayor.

 The NewsHawks understands Mafume’s election was influenced by a faction within CCC which is unhappy with leader Nelson Chamisa’s leadership qualities, alleged dictatorship and a disregard for constitutionalism.

Chamisa’s camp preferred Elvis Ruzani to take the position, but some councillors were not happy with the imposition.

“While the party notes the election of Harare Mayor, it is disturbed by the presence of ZRP officers at the council chambers. This is unusual as council normally rely on their municipal police during the conduction of internal council business. The presence of hired thugs and bouncers in council chambers who were harassing and intimidating councillors and members who had come to witness the process from the gallery is equally unsettling,” read the statement signed by the spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi.

 “Councillors and other party deployees elected under the Citizens’ Coalition For Change led by President Nelson Chamisa are urged to remain vigilant and not deviate from the party position in the face of intimidation by state imposters and to continue to depict the values and principles of service and sacrifice as encapsulated by the party’s code of conduct and political manifesto. The party awaits an official report from the councillors and Harare Taskforce leadership to guide the Citizens’ National Assembly (CNA) resolution on the issue,” added Mkwananzi.

 Indeed, the statement pointed to the fact that the party felt betrayed by the outcome. The statement was later deleted form the Citizens’ Coalition for Change’s X handle but had left a digital footprint far and wide.

 Adding fuel to the fire was the national deputy spokesperson, Gift Siziba, responding to a post by another X user who was asking how the election occured. Siziba said Mafume was not the party’s preferred candidate.

 “The party’s internal process produced Councillor Ruzani as the candidate to replace Lovejoy Chitengu,” posted Siziba. The CCC has been imploding after self-appointed interim secretary-general recalled some councillors and legislators.

 Insiders say he has strong backing among some senior CCC officials who are unhappy with the goings-on in the party. On 12 September 2023, ward 18 councillor, Ian Makone, was elected mayor of Harare and on 9 November he was recalled from office along with his deputy, Kudzai Kadzombe.

The letter that recalled the duo and seven other councillors wrongly spelt name Lovejoy Chitengu’s name.

Chitengu later succeeded Makone on 21 November 2023, deputised by Rosemary Muronda. Tshabangu corrected the name a month later.

 After visiting cholera -struck homes and officiating at the ceremony for the lighting of Christmas lights, Chitengu was recalled.

 After his recall, the party suggested that Elvis Ruzani replace Chitengu, but he was outvoted by Mafume. Ruzani got 15 votes, Mafume 22 votes while Zanu PF’s Utete got 4 votes.

Mafume took to X to respond to the allegations in the CCC communique refuting all allegations.

“Another video of the councillors singing as they elected a @CCCZimbabwe  Mayor. They were waiting for the results, again no police no bouncers. Are these people who are forced? @bbmhlanga @daddyhope @ begottensun @hwendec @pmkwananzi @ Cde_Ostallos they never sang the last times,” Mafume posted.

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