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Kuvimba denies chiefs lithium claims



KUVIMBA Mining House, which owns Sandawana Mine, will not give traditional chiefs in Mberengwa, Midlands province, lithium mining claims they have been demanding as this will result in chaotic mining operations.


This was said by the Kuvimba Mining House chief executive officer Simbarashe Chinyemba while responding to inquiries from The NewsHawks after a stakeholders’ meeting between the Sandawana Mine management, chiefs, and the Joint Operations Command in Zvishavane on Wednesday.

“At the moment there is no plan for Kuvimba Mining House to cede claims to traditional leaders from Sandawana,” said Chinyemba.

His comment came after demands were made by the 16 traditional leaders in Mberengwa who are saying they also need to benefit from the lithium which is being mined in their district.

However, Chinyemba said instead they are pledging to improve the lives of the community at large in Mberengwa.

The current primary school within the mine will be relocated to a new location within the district, adding that the company is also going to build a referral hospital and provide a new ambulance and a visiting medical doctor.

Chinyemba said the company will build a proper courthouse for the chiefs that will be well-equipped.

“We will continue to play our part and that we are as close to the community as possible and understand the valuable role the chiefs play in the community,” Chinyemba said, adding: “We will also support you with stationery. We will continue with welfare support.”

Chinyemba said the company is making these pledges as he understands the positive role played by the chiefs emphasising his company’s  commitment to uplifting the lives of traditional leaders.

“I say this because I understand that if you uplift the lives of traditional leaders you have uplifted the community. That is why we are committing to support all the traditional leaders,” said Chinyemba.

“We understand the roles the chiefs play in their communities. Stationery and furniture support will be given. Sandawana is also going to assist in the provision of vehicles.”

He applauded the role the security services are playing in maintaining security in the district, saying: “We are grateful for the support of the security services. I don’t think Sandawana as it stands now would be where it stands now had it not been for the security services. There was chaos in the beginning and the security services brought order. So we ought to support their services by providing vehicles for security services.”

Speaking at the same occasion, the Kuvimba Mining House general manager Godwin Gambiza said Sandawana Mine has already undertaken to rehabilitate the main roads leading to the mine while the one in West Nicholson and those surrounding the mine will be done in phases.

“Allow us to do one step at a time and concentrate on the major road because this has major benefits, especially as we are getting into the rainy season. We don’t want our work to be jeopardised. We will lay gravel first and asphalt later,” said Gambiza.

The efforts to develop Mberengwa and the main areas surrounding Sandawana Mine were applauded by Mberengwa chief and Senator Alison Ngungumbane Mkhwananzi, who said: “Mr Gambiza, what you have done so far will go a long way to uplift the community. If you have a tarred road, more services come in. Thank you for addressing certain issues on the spot.”

Sandawana Mine commenced its lithium operations in January 2023 and currently employs 1 500 permanent and contract workers.

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