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Double candidates headache worsens



ZIMBABWE’S main opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change has been caught between a rock and a hard place after it failed to resolve the issue of double candidates ahead of the forthcoming general elections.


With just under two months before Zimbabwe holds general elections, the party has been making frantic efforts to convince unapproved members to withdraw from the race amid fears they could divide votes.

The unofficial CCC candidate in St Mary’s constituency in Chitungwiza, Freddy Masarirevhu, who has been condemned by party leaders and supporters on social media as a fraud, said he will not withdraw his candidature.

“The problem I was having is withdrawing something I did not file. To withdraw means you have put in something. Well I did not, so it never made any sense for me. If they did not submit my name, then they can simply ask Zec to remove it; if there is need, I will assist,” said Masarirevhu.

Masarirevhu was one of the three candidates who underwent the party’s candidate-vetting process for St Mary’s constituency, but he has been trolled and associated with Central Intelligence Orgnanisation-linked Zanu PF affiliate, Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (Faz). He however expressed disappointment over how the situation spilled to social media before engagement between him and the party were concluded.

“Nothing has been resolved. I just want peace of mind, that’s why I have taken a break from all this. I had congratulated the supposed winner and promised myself not to be involved in these issues. That’s exactly what I am trying to do, to be as far away from all this drama as possible. It is always painful to work and contribute for people who then ultimately betray you and trade all sorts of insults because some things have not been addressed,” he said.

He is among the 42 candidates who have had a police case of fraud opened against them by the party.

Police confirmed that the complaint was lodged with them, but they needed additional information to act on the report.

“We want to engage the party so that they give us additional information on the matter so that we can act, so we have written to them and we will deliver the letter, hopefully they respond so that we act on the report,” said Seargent Madora in the office of Public Relations at Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The party told the media in previous communication that apart from engaging  Zec, the party was going to engage the candidates to withdraw.

To date, only one local authority double candidate from Masvingo West ward 2 Frank Chirairo, withdrew to pave way for  Shantiel Chiwara.

As of last week, Hunyani ‘s double candidate, Terrence Khumbula, had not been engaged.
Masarirevhu admits that there were engagements from the party but before resolution his name has been muddied and he has been labelled an operative working with the Zanu PF system.

“The latest is they keep on insulting me without engaging me, so I just kept quiet,” he said.

“I spoke with some and explained to them my issue and said will come back to me. Next thing is I’m paraded on social media as fraudster.”

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