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Ken Sharpe


Councillors warm up to Warren Hills project



HARARE councillors who were previously opposed to the Warren Hills Golf Course project are warming up to the multi-million-dollar investment and called for an interactive engagement between residents and investors involved to push in one direction for the good of the community.

Mabelreign councillor Denford Ngadziore, who attended a meeting addressed virtually by businessman and Augur Investments boss Ken Sharpe, said the view that councillors were opposed to the project were a “misconception”, adding that residents and the investors ought to speak with one voice.

 “There is a misconception that we are anti-development and I should clear that. As councillor and a representative of the people, I am actually pro-development,” Ngadziore said.

“Whatever happened in the (Harare City Council’s) Environmental Management Committee (EMC) meeting, I cannot comment and I am not privy to that, but what I am asking for is not too much,” he said adding that an interactive meeting was key so that the project takes off smoothly.

Harare West legislator Joanah Mamombe was also part of the meeting.

Sharpe had raised concerns on why there was resistance from other councillors on the project, adding that there was no need for them to scare away investments that Zimbabwe desperately needs.

He said the project will benefit the community and, once completed, properties around will grow significantly in terms of value.

“My plea is do not stand in the way of development. Do not target certain investors and I can ask you of the 81 issues raised by the Environmental Management Committee in their meeting, only one was targeted. Why? What is fair for one should be fair for all,” Sharpe said.

“Our country needs development. If we cannot accept development and investment, we must be prepared to be poor for the rest of our lives.”

World-renowned developer Peter Matkovich has been roped in to develop the multi-million-dollar facility that will include a golf course, recreational facilities, and academies among others.

“Peter has the necessary experience on golf courses and he has gone through a lot of planning and designs on the project. He designed several of such in the world including our own Borrowdale Brooke golf course.”-STAFF WRITER

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