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CCC rejects Mnangagwa win lock, stock and barrel



THE main opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) has swiftly, categorically and emphatically rejected President-Elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s disputed re-election which was marred by controversy, irregularities and illegalities.


Soon after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba announced Mnangagwa as the winner, CCC spokesperson Mkhwananzi said in a statement: “On Wednesday 23 August, under the administration of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Zec, our nation bore witness to an election marred by vote suppression and egregious abuse. The Sadc report transparently highlighted these transgressions for the global community.

“Despite these overwhelming odds, the resilient people of Zimbabwean people came forward in vast numbers, casting their votes in hope of a brighter and better future. For the sake of that elder woman who walked two km and waited in line for two whole days to cast her vote, we will not rollover and accept fictitious lies.

“However, tonight, as Zec declared their results, discrepancies have become glaringly apparent. The outcomes did not align with evidence from our V11s, a stark deviation that underscores the need for scrutiny. The concerning absence of our presidential candidate’s chief election agent’s signature casts a shadow of doubt over the entire process. The questionable actions of some Zanu PF officials, who seemingly were privy to results in advance, further tarnish the credibility and transparency of these elections. We fear that this once-respected institution can no longer be depended upon to safeguard our votes and our democracy.” CCC said its numerous concerns were also captured in the Sadc preliminary report.

“The election observer mission’s preliminary report further echoes our concerns, pinpointing significant deviations from both national and international electoral standards.

 “We unequivocally condemn the continued intimidation faced by our agents. Some were unjustly recalled by Zec with the intent of amending the electoral results, an act that goes against the very essence of a democratic process.”

 In the aftermath of the stolen election, CCC says it will challenge the process anf its outcome.

“In response to these challenges, the CCC has initiated a comprehensive citizen’s review of the vote count. This endeavour is firmly rooted in hard evidence collected from all regions of Zimbabwe. Our grassroots movement, made up of brave volunteers, endures intimidation, harassment and violence. Yet our commitment to uncovering the truth remains undeterred. Zec’s recent announcement only serves to galvanise our resolve further.”

CCC added: “In due course we will address our nation, illuminating the path forward. Our unwavering allegiance to the millions of Zimbabweans advocating for transformative change is as steadfast as ever. We firmly believe that united, with truth as our compass and justice as our goal, we can and will usher in the change our nation profoundly desires. “In closing, I appeal to all champions of democracy: our quest is noble and just. Let’s remain resolute in our collective pursuit. A new chapter in our shared struggle awaits.”

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