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Beauty enthusiast and fashionista Luminitsa launches luxury wellness store



FOR the well-heeled in our society, getting the best beauty therapy money can buy means travelling far and wide.


Such health and wellness services are not exactly at the doorstep in Zimbabwe.

For others of good taste but not deep pockets, beauty spas are just a luxury.

They just do not have that kind of money to spoil themselves to look good.

This has inspired social icon Luminitsa Jemwa to seize the opportunity to bring that luxury to many homes for Zimbabweans.

Her product range, aptly titled Priest Wellness, is where all the magic happens for those who want to have the same skin therapy and treatment in the comfort of their own homes.

Added to this, Luminitsa says her products, which have gone through rigorous vetting by some of the world’s best dermatologists, suit every skin tone—black, white or Caucasian. Priest has something for everyone!

When it comes to skin health and wellness, at times it is not about the price tag but quality guarantee.

“Well, I am happy to say that I use the same skin products and it works well. All the products are certified authentic and quality is guaranteed. It took me years to come up with the products and each one is informed by my travels overseas,” Luminitsa explained.

When asked to comment further on the name Priest, she said: “I come from a Catholic family background where the priest is the leader of the church. And without the priest there would be no service, so he is the leader and for me this better explains the brand. It is leading and highly rated.”

Located at number 16 Bath Road in Belgravia, the Priest Wellness shop has some of the amazing tech tools in skin health all curated by its founder’s experience and intention.

Products range from as little as US$15 for Mon Rose Repair Emulsion to Pristige firming and smoothing Cleansers and Salicylic Acid Acne treatment at US$20 each.

Also in store are goat milk and rugosa, also known as exfoliating and moisturising foot mask which removed the dead skin cells and brightens the skin tone.

In moving with technology, you can also get the face contouring device at US$100 or the Roman cavitation and body contouring device, which is essentially a fat burner as it breaks down fats in the body at deeper cellular level.

Other devices are RF light therapy where instead of going long hours under the big light therapy at the spa, you can purchase one to take home and the Roman photon wand, which is known as the crown jewel of spa treatment, is in your hands.

It eradicates acne and removes dark spots and blemishes, unclogs skin pores and tightens the pores.

According to Luminitsa, all the products have been tried and tested and meet the standards.

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