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Zimbabwean faithful predict Luton Town survival this season




AS firmly conveyed in the previous year, Luton Town is probably the most colourful geographical spot in the United Kingdom for us Zimbabwean immigrants who arrived here many years before the current wave of new immigration.

The UK is widely known to be a home to many nationalities, making it very diverse in culture and many other factors that constitute a society. Luton is one of those English towns deemed small yet very rich in any possible translation of diversity.

 As proven by the Hatters when they broke into the elite notable radar of the soil’s best football entities, they have somehow raised genuine hopes in their bid to cement an ongoing reign in the very much popular English Premier League in the world of football.

Normally because of our very own Marvelous Nakamba, and patriotic Zimbabweans all over the world, this time The NewsHawks has developed trust with some faithful supporters with southern African blood.

These are the likes of Isaac Brown, a guy we previously said is all for Luton – on and off the pitch. Isaac, who recently gave Luton as the middle name of his latest addition to his family, has said before that Luton will survive and that they usually fight as a team. The tall and proud Lutonian is very optimistic about the season.

I have also recently been in conversation with one other Luton Borough Council colleague, Mark Chamberlain, who emphasised that Luton needs to convert its chances as everywhere else they seem to be matching their opponents.

Mark cited a few games where Luton should have gotten away with all the points. Mark is usually shy. A conversation with him rarely involves eye contact, but when you talk more about Luton Town FC, the gentleman bursts out of his shyness shell and looks you straight in the eye. Such was the case last week.

In Barton-le-Clay, a small village that rubs shoulders with Luton, is a well-versed football mind. The mind moved to Luton about a decade ago from another place of similar influence, Coventry. I always thought the Peter Ndlovu impact factor will always overshadow this Zimbabwean icon’s connection with Luton.

I was wrong! Tinashe Ndudzo firmly confirmed that he is now more connected with Luton. The Manchester United fan, who has a soft spot for Luton Town FC, as I do of course, conveyed that he feels that Luton will stay in the top-flight due to the fact that they fight well as a unit. He added that they also have a pending possible advantage as both Everton and Nottingham Forest are likely to face a further deduction of points.

Then Richard Mandongwe, all the way from Cape Town, hinges his trust on the outfit due to their manager. It is the tone of his husky voice that convinces you he knows what he is talking about when it comes to Rob Edwards. Richard is sensitive to detail and has over a long time classified Rob as shrewd. Without saying how he expresses faith in him and know whatever he is going to apply or plan, come next season the Hatters will be back with the rest of the best. He again echoed what was better explained by Tinashe, that players like Ross Barkley and Andros Townsend take this opportunity to show their worth still, hence they will give their very best to stay at the top.

My collection of thoughts, fact and opinions ended with a very late conversation, with my trusted and very much seasoned writer Danai Chitakasha. The perfectionist stated almost similar reasons as the others, but emphasised on the Ross Barkley influence and that collectively the team is an army to reckon with in this marked battle. Our conversation was short and sharp, yet very rich. I hope later to capture what this sportswriter has to say.

In conclusion, I think they need to find a finisher who is prolific. An outright striker that can finish. Yet I have faith in the Hatters. I live about 250 metres away from Kenilworth Road and I hear all the chants when I am home during match days. I see the fans before and after the matches and it is somewhere on their faces: That it is not just hope but they know they will make it. COME ON LUTON, COME ON LUTON, COME ON LUTON!

*NewsHawks contributor Jirvas Gwanzura has lived in the Luton Town area since the early 2000s. A footballer himself, Jirvas was at school in Harare at Churchill Boys High alongside notable footballers, cricketers, rugby players, athletes, and all.

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