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Zanu PF youths grab Kadoma gold mine



ZANU PF youths have moved to grab Eiffel Blue gold mine in Kadoma from a European investor who has put it up for sale ahead of next year’s general elections.

This shows there is still no rule of law in Zimbabwe and property rights are being trampled on with impunity.

 The breakdown in the rule of law and violation of property rights on sustained basis have accelerated the destruction of Zimbabwe’s economy. There have been numerous cases of Zanu PF youths invading mines.

A letter written by Zanu PF national secretary for administration Tendai Chiwetu dated 10 October says Eiffel Blue mine in Kadoma has been given to party youths led by Takura Gwande. “The Zanu PF National Youth League hereby authorises Cde Takura Gwande to run operations in Ward in 16 peri-urban Kadoma.

“The operation of the Eiffel Blue Mine will benefit the youths of the community, which is in line with our President His Excellency Cde E.D Mnangagwa’s vision of youth empowerment,” the letter says.

“The permitted operations will be monitored and managed by the National Youth League through  Cde Takura Gwande.”

The Eiffel group — which comprises the Eiffel Blue, Blue Duck and Orcus properties — extends three kilometres north-east of the Cam and Motor Mine in Kadoma.  The gold project consists of 22 prospects. Sources close to the situation say Zanu PF youths are leveraging party structures to seize the mine for personal benefit.

“The mine in question is a productive and lucrative operation, which belongs to an Eastern European investor. He is selling it. It has three main shafts: Eiffel Blue, Orcus 17 and Blue Duck,” a mining source said.

 “So we were marketing it to prospective buyers, but some Zanu PF cadres wanted it all along. They want to grab it for themselves, hence they came up with a strategy of involving the youth. We have been receiving Nicodemus phone calls from ‘Children of the Crocodile’ demanding information on the mine and saying they want it.”

Another source added: “Which investor in his or her right mind would come to invest under such circumstances? We have forwarded the letter to the owner/seller and to other mine owners. At this rate this might result in some of the mines being removed from the market.”

 During the 2018 elections, Zanu PF Midlands provincial youth chairperson Edmore Samambwa called for the seizure of “non-operational” mines in the province for redistribution to ruling party youths.

Addressing a youth campaign rally to drum up support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Gweru ahead of elections in July 2018, Samambwa said youths should be allowed to carry out mining activities even without licences.

 Zanu PF youths have previously  invaded various mines including  ZimAlloys’ chrome mining claims in Darwendale, Mashonaland West,  Shurugwi gold mine owned by Urayayi Marima, escaping with one tonne of gold, and Gaika gold mine in Kwekwe, among others.-STAFF WRITER

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