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Recently crowned Miss UZ owes success to supportive mom



PRIMROSE Gava is a proud single mother!


Her only daughter, Karen Zvikomborero Katsande, was recently crowned Miss University of Zimbabwe, a feat that has got the supportive mom beaming with endless smiles.

Not only was stunning Karen crowned queen, she also scooped the Miss Personality 2023 at a beauty pageant that burst at the seams with beauty and brains.

“She’s my only child and through the works of a single mom . . . I am very proud of her,” Gave spoke of her delight to The NewsHawks.

“She also won another award in the special category . . . Ms Personality 2023. She’s the first one to win a double in the history of the pageant.”

This has been a big deal for Primrose, who sees modelling as a positive step in opening up opportunities for those who possess both the looks and the brand.

In Africa, beauty contests are treated with stereotypes in some circles, something that makes conservative parents develop a negative attitude towards the trade when their children take up modeling. But not Gava.

“These days a lot of models are drawn from a pool of Beauty with Brains category like where my daughter belongs,” she said.

“As such, they have a lot of opportunities with both the looks and the brains. Back then, modelling was just about mastering the cat walks, winning and getting a lot of presents. But (now it has) more to do with business and entrepreneurship opportunities that come along with it.”

And true to her word, modelling was regarded in some quarters as meant for dimwits and groupies who just want to hang out with the who’s who of society.

“Modelling was used to be one of the ‘not taken so seriously’ activities long back then but these days a career in modelling is one of the trending things, especially for young people,” added Gove.

“It’s a good career (modelling) because it keeps one abreast with fashion trends.

Also, it opens doors to new and exciting careers like advertising and marketing of products and brands.”

However, she is also not oblivious to the downside of the industry.

“The field needs a lot of discipline and focus, especially for the young ladies because it has its fair share of ugly things,” she said.

Karen is a second-year student studying creative design, animation and motion graphics.

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