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George Charamba


Presidential spokesperson attempts to trash resettled villagers’ suffering



WHEN HIRED GUNS FIRE BADLY: Just read this piece by @NewsHawksLive and see it makes any sense at all.

The turgid report mentions two “majorities”! The first “majority” baldly claims most families displaced by Sabi Star Lithium Mine were resettled in Murambinda “town”.

Anyone with a slight sense of Urbanisation will tell you there is no Murambinda Town, much as we Buherans wish it so; only a growth point!

Second, if these thumping reporters and their editors had visited Murambinda, they would have realised the families resettled in Murambinda settlement and visibly along the highway, do not exhaust their ten fingers!

And the modern housing units are loudly painted to be visible from the Chivhu-Dorowa-Nyazura Highway!

Third — and this was published in serious national press — families told the mining concern where the elected to be resettled, in line with lifestyles they aspired to have thereafter.

 Only a handful opted for housing units in the growth point, citing old age and healthy support from their children both inside the country and abroad.

Their wishes were granted. One family opted to go back to the Midlands; as with the first group, the family was taken back to a modern facility in Midlands where it has since resumed normal rural agricultural life.

Again this was made public, in the full glare of serious national media. The greater part of the families opted to be resettled further down in Buhera, well away from the claim. These had modern housing units built for them, supported by modern amenities.

They were also compensated for relocation and resettlement, compensated handsomely. In addition, the miner adopted several schools, all of them along the road that tears off the Highway at Gaza Township, to run down to the site of the mine.

The schools have since been electrified and modernized. Also included in the scheme is a sibling of my High School Makumbe Mission, a school on the verges of Mwerahari River called Nyashanu Mission. I helped open the school soon after the war.

You only need to talk the 1980 class at that RCZ Mission to know how things have changed ever since, and particularly with inputs from Sabi Star.

More important, some 150KVA line has been pulled to the Mine. It will not vanish after the resource gets exhausted, and after the miners return to China’s Hong Kong.

More important, Sabi Star employed most able-bodied men and women from the area; they exhausted the working population from within that community until they extended their recruitment drive westwards, right to my village, Chikuvire.

By the way, the mine used to be run by some British-South African interest long back, and whose scale made it worse than artisanal. They abandoned the effort and deserted Buhera, leaving a trail of destroyed environment and sprawling poverty in their wake.

Of course @NewsHawksLive were not there, which is not to say the history of the resource is unavailable to diligent journalism, however young!

Good propaganda must be plausible. This one isn’t; the Westerners have invested in a blunt team of incompetent journalists who lie foolishly!

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