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Munyeza's car auctioned to pay debts


Munyeza now paying his debt



OUTSPOKEN Harare cleric and businessman Shingi Munyeza, who was President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s adviser on the presidential advisory council, is now paying his erstwhile family friend Marjorie Fadziso Mutemererwa her US$100 000 which he had borrowed, but was failing to repay.


 Latest information shows Munyeza, wellknown in business circles, has so far paid Mutemererwa US$44 000 after a court order and civil imprisonment order were issued against him, starting July.

On 24 July, Munyeza and his wife Wilma were ordered to pay Mutemererwa US$100 000 being a refund of the money lent.

On 13 September they were ordered to pay the principal on that amount, including US$2 919 interest and legal costs amounting to US$7 000 in terms of court order HC1696/23.

The amount is supposed to be payable in five equal instalments on or before the 30th of every month, with the first instalment having been due on 30 September.

 If the Munyezas fail to pay, the whole amount becomes due and payable immediately, and if they cannot raise that again they would go to jail at Harare Central Prison for 90 days.

 “Munyeza and his wife are now paying, but it’s not strictly smooth as per court order. They have paid US$44 000, but it’s not through the prescribed instalments, terms and conditions; they have arbitrarily varied it a bit and that is a breach of the court order. For instance, they paid US$7 000 in October and that’s a breach of the civil imprisonment order,” a source said.

“Mutemererwa is watching their actions closely. While she is a bit relieved they are now paying, she is worried they may default, but she wants to give them the benefit of the doubt in line with the court orders so that there is an amicable settlement.”

 Munyeza has been going through serious business and financial problems.

He has lost his Borrowdale Brooke house in Harare, household items such as furniture, electronic goods and a car to Connect Microfinance Zambia over debts.

Another car was also sold to pay Mutemererwa. As a result, Munyeza, a hitherto well-known businessman who ran top franchises and a hotelier who later became fiercely critical of Mnangagwa, is now renting his former house, paying US$1 500 a month.

The NewsHawks has seen some of the evidence of payment of rentals to Connect. Munyeza sold his Borrowdale Brook house for US$625 000 to become a tenant.

On 25 June 2022, he agreed to sell his house to Connect Microfinance Zambia Limited and the company paid for the property and other items in full on 17 July.

 The deal also included selling all his belongings, including chairs and fridges, for US$10 630.

 When Mutemererwa attached the Borrowdale Brooke house, Connect then revealed that it now owned the house in question.

The Munyezas were served a writ of execution by the office of the Sheriff of Zimbabwe on 27 July 2023 with respect to judgement granted by the court in favour of Mutemererwa against them on 20 July 2023. Connect acquired the property from Munyeza at the same time as they got the immovable property on 6 October 2022.

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