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Maskiri teams up with fellow ‘survivor’ and songbird Tererai to deliver a banger!



MASKIRI and Tererai Mugwadi have experienced both good times and misfortune in their music careers.


They have topped the charts, serenaded Zimbabwean fans with hit songs at the beginning of the hip-hop revolution in Zimbabwe, known locally as urban-grooves.

These two indeed were some of the revolutionaries of this popular genre, and will go down in history as some of the greats.

Differing personal misfortunes, however, saw their careers go downhill, accompanied by some unwanted publicity, making the news for all the wrong reasons as they led troubled lifestyles.

Written off and even forgotten, these two have over the past few years however proved that they are survivors. God-given talent can never be taken away.

Rapper Maskiri and songbird Tererai come a long way, and you will remember that they in fact worked together on Maskiri’s debut album –Muviri Wese – around the turn of the millennium.

Over two decades later, they have proved that like fine wine, they have only gotten better with age.

Skillaz and Terry, as they are known to their legion of fans, collaborated on a gem of a song, titled Masendeke.

This could be an ode to the notorious murderer Masendeke, infamous for his yesteryear prison break at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

But Maskiri is equating that notoriety to his love for his woman.

The song, produced by Sunshine, is an enjoyable listen while the video, which was dropped on YouTube two weeks back, was shot by Mr Hasty.

If there is anything quite intriguing about the bars it is that Maskiri is still good at his wordplay and he does it effortlessly.

Maskiri, who also inspired rappers like Ti Gonzi, takes a dig at the rapper of the moment in a thinly veiled diss.

The more prominent diss though is directed at Holy Ten, a younger-generation rapper who has been hailed by his own fans as a better and modern version of Maskiri.

He raps: “Ndirikumberi kwa10 kunge 11 ndine ma1 . . . (I’m ahead of 10 just like 11, I’m bad!) In another line he raps: “Ziso rakatsvuka kunge Opera Mini.”

Maskiri laid out his bars proving to all and sundry that he is a lyrical genius. Believers and non-believers should give him his dues.

And Tererai laces her vocals nicely over a lingering beat which makes you want to sing along.

The song quickly gets you into the groove and it keeps playing in the head long after the track is finished.

Having said that, the video, which is shot by little-known Mr Hasty, is also quite telling.

It was shot at a farm where Maskiri and Tererai seem to be in a gataway car, fleeing from people. Both Maskiri and Tererai showcase good chemistry in the production.

The video is trending in the top 20 for music videos and so far it has amassed over 600 000 views on YouTube.

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