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Emmerson Junior steals Rolex from his dad to settle debt



PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son Emmerson Jnr allegedly stole his father’s gold-studded Rolex and gave it to gold magnate Ewan Macmillan so that he could settle a debt.

 Macmillan who described Emmerson Junior as his friend, told undercover Al Jazeera reporters posing as gangsters who wanted to launder money, he could put them “straight in touch with him” without a problem because they were friends.

When he noticed that Mr Stanley, who was posing as a Chinese gangster, was wearing a Rolex Macmillan, talks about his collection of Rolex watches.

“I have the steel Daytona. My dad always used to say to me. You’ve always got to wear the best watch because everyone looks to see your watch,” Macmillan said.

“I have the Submariner. I have the gold Submariner and I have two Pres – idents.” He then explained how he acquired Mnangagwa’s watch. “And you won’t believe this; you won’t believe this. This is between us,” he said in a hushed tone.

“I have Mnangagwa’s gold studded President. Rolex.

“Because the son ran into debt and had to pay the debt off, so he gave me the Rolex. I paid the debt off, and he said ‘please don’t tell my dad’. And I think ‘f..k man you are joking’. I have got the dad’s watch. It’s blue face with gold studs all around. “So, I’ve got all that in a safe and run a f…..g Casio. It’s a fake Casio. Have you ever seen a fake Casio.” — STAFF WRITER

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