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Bulawayo now has its first lifestyle intravenous drip clinic



A 27 year old upcoming business executive Mercy Mabiza has set up the first of its kind in Bulawayo a lifestyle Intravenous Drip Clinic.

IV drip therapy treatments are becoming increasingly popular among health conscious people. The Intravenous drip delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption and in turn this makes skin glow.

A serial entrepreneur Mabiza, 27, is the founding Director of IV Drip Clinic which opened its doors a fortnight ago.

This compliments her other venture, Royalty Skincare, which specialises in formulating skin care products for various skin ailments and conditions. She also has a line of handbags that she designs called Royal infinity.

On her new baby on the market, the IV drip clinic, Mabiza says she is working with certified medical practitioners to administer drips which have gone through several clinical trials and have been formulated to treat, enhance, maintain and boost general health.

Mabiza, a qualified cosmetic chemist, is a holder of a degree in Applied Biology and Biochemistry from the National University of Science and Technology.  She is ecstatic about the new venture because it has always been her passion to understand the skin.

“Skin is something that I have always battled with, so the inspiration has always been to find solutions that help me. After dedicating a lot of time on research and eventually finding solutions, I realised that if I have managed to help myself I can do it for everyone else,” said Mabiza.

The IV drip infusions restores hydration, replenishes essential minerals and vitamins, boosts your immune system, decreases inflammation, relieves pain and nausea, delivers an energy boost, detoxifies the body and cleanses organs.

Mabiza said their IV drip is safe and is administered by a doctor who conducts a brief consultation and then decides which IV drip is best suited for a client.

“We work with a qualified doctor and other medical practitioners. We don’t just infuse the IV drip on anyone but we take blood samples and see if you are a candidate who can go through the IV process” said Mabiza.

Mabiza says she owns a plot, Acres Royal Farming, where she grows plants that are used to formulate skin care products.

“Some of the active ingredients that are being used in the skin care products formulation come from plants at the plot,” she said. Our long term plans include venturing into cattle rearing so that we also get into leather tanning that will be used for the bags.”

Her business exploits have resulted in her being recognised as Southern Region Entrepreneur of the year at last year’s Megafest Awards. She has also won the African Influencer Award for Exceptional Woman of the Year and the Gumiguru Under 30 Young Leaders Award.-STAFF WRITER