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Airbnb catches on in Harare



HOMEOWNERS in Zimbabwe, particularly in Harare, are listing their spaces for Airbnb services, with over 300 places to stay available in the capital. 

Airbnb is an app-based hospitality booking service for short rental periods.

The bookings range from a room, apartment, to a full house and from around US$15 to around US$150 per night. 

A scroll on the Airbnb website shows that homeowners have been really sprucing up their homes so that they can be competitive and attractive enough. 

They are also being creative with picture angles for a  good picture that catches the eye.

While decent hotels offer high rates, Airbnb has become a favourable option, especially for people who are travelling in groups.

Listing homes on Airbnb has  also become an easy way of making money and there is no hustle of chasing up tenants who fail to pay rentals.

The payments are done online and bookings are confirmed after the payment has gone through. Hosts can also include service and cleaning charges, which will be separate from the booking charge.

Listing on Airbnb is free and hosts have control of the times they want their spaces to be available through a public diary which shows the free and blocked times.

They also have the power to approve a potential booking. 

Reviews are also a major part of Airbnbs as good reviews will attract more bookings and hosts really go out of their way to make their guests comfortable and enjoy the time at their homes. 

 Airbnb does not own any lodgings, but the platform makes verification of a host and potential easier.

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