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African Games, Africa’s own Olympics?! Well, my foot!



SO my interest in these African Games, which for me has been a damp squib, is run[1]ning out when all the Zimbabwean athletes in Ghana are out of this event.


 Africa’s so-called continental Olympics, for me, didn’t have a chance until the International Cricket Council (ICC) decided these games were crap, for lack of a better word. Getting into these games, the ICC seemed to have granted T20 International status to the cricket section of the African Games.

Now they are not sure what they want, especially to do with the best crick[1]et-playing nations in Africa today – South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. This is of course because mid-way through this cricket section, the ICC never knew what to anticipate.

Results have been consistent. Now they are in sixes-and-sev[1]ens. But it’s not just cricket that I want to talk about here. My main sport, rugby, has been disrespected heavily in these African Games.

These African Games aren’t anything close to being an Olympics competition for our continent because in my sport, Sevens rugby, Kenya did sent a “C” team of theirs. After South Africa, Kenya is Africa’s strongest 7s team in this event.

At this Afri can Games in Accra, Kenya in the men’s section have come third, winning the bronze medal. Zimbabwe, with our strongest squad, we came second with the silver medal!

 Really? We even lost to Ghana – of all the teams – on the way to the silver medal! Let’s go back to cricket! Well, South Africa, Africa’s finest cricket nation, didn’t even bother to send a professional team to the African Games!

They sent a university select side. By the time you read this, Zimbabwe has either won the gold or silver medal after the men’s final against a Namibian team that’s not even full-strength. Africa’s Olympics? My foot!

*Guest columnist Chris Tavonesa, a NewsHawks contributor, is a sports historian and rugby enthusiast.